Prompt Chat GPT viết content cho website

chào các bác, hiện nay các prompt để viết bài bằng Chat GPT thường không còn hỗ trợ viết bài nữa, em mới tập dùng các bác hỗ trợ, cho em xin vài Prompt em xin cảm ơn

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How To Write Prompts For ChatGPT

Start by giving ChatGPT a writing prompt, such as “Write a short story about a person who discovers they have a superpower.”

ChatGPT will then generate a response based on your prompt. The answer may be a few sentences or several paragraphs long, depending on the prompt’s complexity and the level of detail you requested.

Use the ChatGPT-generated response as a starting point for your writing. You can take the ideas and concepts presented in the answer and expand on them, adding your own unique spin to the story.

If you want to generate additional ideas, try asking ChatGPT follow-up questions related to your original prompt.

For example, you could ask, “What challenges might the person face in exploring their newfound superpower?” or “How might the person’s relationships with others be affected by their superpower?”

Remember that ChatGPT’s answers are generated by artificial intelligence and may not always be perfect or exactly what you want.

However, they can still be a great source of inspiration and help you start writing.

Must-Have Chrome Plugin

I recommend installing the WebChatGPT plugin, which allows you to add relevant results from Google to your ChatGPT prompts.

This extension adds the first web results to your ChatGPT prompts for more accurate and up-to-date conversations.

For example, if I asked, “Who is Vincent Terrasi?,” ChatGPT has no answer.

With WebChatGPT On, the Chrome plugin creates a new prompt with the first Google results, and now ChatGPT knows who Vincent Terrasi is.

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