How to upload Video on Dailymotion using PHP

Hướng dẫn kiếm tiền online với Dailymotion từ A-Z

How to upload Video on Dailymotion using PHP SDK. You can upload video in using php from your website follow the below steps

1. If you have dailymotion account then signin using username and password otherwise signup and register.

2. Afret login click on your email id which located in header and goto Partner HQ Dailymotion click Tab Channel --> Advanced.

3. In Tab Channel Advanced page Click create new key in “Manage your API keys” to create application, filling up details after creatting application you can found your API key,API secret, Applicaiton website and callback url.

4. Download php sdk from

5. Create php file and paste below code in that file then run php file and you can successfully upload video in

code upload dailymotion

Link download file upload.php

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