How To Upload A Video To Dailymotion Remote Upload From URL (Url Remote Upload)?

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How To Upload A Video To Dailymotion From A URL (Url Remote Upload)? Here is the demo link for this project:

This method supports upload video from your computer to Dailymotion like the upload protocol of Dailymotion only. Dailymotion Remote Upload

You are still limited to IP upload but will not be limited to keywords tag. If you want to upload from the video link mp4 and more you can try this link: with 3 days free use after active email account. Do you want to do a similar project? I’ll detail the guide for you in the video below. Watch the video and do exactly what I did in the video. You need to create an index.php file with the form required for import and a file upload.php to handle that request. The code in the processing file I used to share on this blog.

Read it:

Dowload PHP SDK from: code file upload.php

require_once 'sdk/Dailymotion.php';
// Dailymotion DATA API credentials
$apikey = 'Your API Key'; 
$apisecret = 'Your API Secret'; 
$user = 'Your user email address'; 
$password = 'Password';
$videotitle = "Title of the video"; 
//$videofile = "Actual path of the video";
$name = $_FILES["upload_file"]["name"];
move_uploaded_file($_FILES["upload_file"]["tmp_name"], "videos/".$name);
$videofile = "videos/".$name;
$videocategory = "Category of the video";
$videotags = "Tags of the video";
$videodescription = "Description of the video";

$api = new Dailymotion();
try {
$api->setGrantType(Dailymotion::GRANT_TYPE_PASSWORD, $apikey, $apisecret, array('write','delete'), array('username' => $user, 'password' => $password)); 
$url = $api->uploadFile($videofile); 
$result = $api->call('video.create', array('url' => $url, 'title' => $videotitle , 'channel' => $videocategory , 'tags' => $videotags, 'description' => $videodescription, 'published' => true)); 
catch (DailymotionAuthRequiredException $e)
 echo $e->getMessage();
$videourl = ''.$result['id'];
 if($result) {
 ?><a href="<?php echo $videourl; ?>" target="_blank">Click Here </a> <?php echo "click here to see this video."; 
 echo "Video uploaded successfully on";

Video How To Upload A Video To Dailymotion From A URL (Url Remote Upload)?

Contact me if you want use it:


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